Our Last Day in Chicago

We got back to the hotel very late last night, stuffed from our feast at Alinea. So we slept in until after 11am. We started our day by watching MTV Cribz. We saw 5 different homes, but I only liked one of them. It was clearly decorated by a professional, and they did a good job. Not only because it looked good, but also because the musician-owner enjoyed pointing out special design features they obviously got a kick out of. I think the musician who owned the home was also probably the smartest artist featured.

Joss Stone's home stood out for its lack of ostentation. It is a small place somewhere in England, and appears as if it was completely decorated by the artist. She was refreshingly forthright about its limitations-- for example she was excited to put in the obligatory wall-mounted flat-screen TV, but she noted that it didn't work very well. I suspect she couldn't get BBC cable out in the country like that. Nevertheless, the house wasn't much to look at, it was sweet to see fame probably hasn't changed her much.

The other three homes were very large, but otherwise completely mediocre. There were a few nice rooms here and there, and the sad and shocking revelation that the ultimate fighter filled his soaking tub with ice instead of water after each match to keep his pain, swelling, and bruising down. What a way to earn a living.
After joking about how the future episode featuring Terry's house would go, we headed out.

First we returned a necklace to Loehmann's, then ate lunch at a nearby pub. It was raining a little, so we decided to spend the afternoon at the art museum. Terry liked the photography exhibit best. I enjoyed that, too, but was most excited by my idea to solve the problem of the dull parlor walls in our home by hanging some paintings in ornate gold frames. I think it would turn the room into more of a "salon" instead of a "parlor" but that's fine.