Back in JFK

Terry and I both got out of Chicago without delay, but only since there were no-shows for the flight. But they got all the standby passengers on, so that was good. Now we're waiting for our Richmond flight to board. The arriving flight just landed, so it'll be another 20 minutes or so at least. It's annoying to not have a watch, I've got to prioritize getting the band fixed on my Ironman watch.

My seat on the flight here didn't have a headset jack (literally, there was just a gaping hole in the seat arm where the jack should have been), so I just played Sudoku. Maybe I'll get to watch Bravo during the flight to RIC. I must say again that JetBlue's decision to give everyone their own TV with 36 channels was genius. It really keeps me pacified through delays, etc. Makes you forget you're sitting on a runway when you can watch the same shows you would be watching at home. Or not, in my case, since I don't have cable TV, so it's a special treat to watch TV on the plane.

Speaking of that, the market was rallying in advance of the Fed rate announcement (which is bad for my investments), but when I checked the indexes on my phone once I got to JFK the DOW was back down, if the Sprint ticker is to be believed. I'm going to check on that while I've got internet access here in the terminal. . .