Un-Jewel-Casing My CDs

My new CD storage system arrived while I was gone, so I started using it today. I have all of my CDs in a big jukebox, but I still have all the cases with the inserts, lyrics, etc. in their jewel cases. This was ok when half the collection was in NJ, but now that everything is in VA it just takes up too much room. So I ordered a system that has jackets specifically to hold all the CD paper stuff, but not the CDs. I also got software that came with a scanner so I can just scan in the barcode from the CD and it catalogs it in a database.

I actually got the scanner before I left town, and was able to scan most of my CDs successfully. I started the drag'n'drop process for the rest of them today. It's pretty easy, I just find the CD on the BN or Amazon website, then I drag the url to a yellow button in my software and it automatically updates everything.

I'm not sure how I want to organize my CDs, though. By genre? I'm not sure the genres that are downloaded automatically from the web are useful to me. I started making my own categories, but I'm not sure what to do with the CDs that fit into more than one category. I'm not even sure what my categories should be. For example, I'd put Paul Simon, James Taylor, and Van Morrison into one category, but what do I call it? I need to give this some thought.

I'm also thinking about just sorting by the CD release dates (or original release dates for re-issues). I can usually remember roughly when music came out. The broad categories would be "old music", "high school", "college", etc. Or maybe I could categorize it by when I listened to the CD the most, regardless of when it came out.

Urrghlxx. I am paralyzed with indecision. The possibilities are too overwhelming. I could just do alphabetical by artist. Or random (that's how they are organized in my jukebox-- my brain would have exploded before I could pick the optimized sort, so I just took my whole stack of CDs and loaded up the jukebox).

I usually put it on "shuffle all" so it doesn't matter that they're random. I rarely listen long enough to get through more than one album, so it's only occasionally jarring when a completely unrelated CD comes on when the first finishes.