Peoplefood = Plumpy'Nut

You know how scientists have developed food for cats, dogs, and other pets that provides complete nutrition? I feed my cats Innova dry food, and they can eat that every day for their whole life (although I do switch up the flavors from time to time) and they get all their nutrition from this one food.

Terry and I often wondered why "peoplefood" hasn't been developed in the same way. How much easier would it be on busy days to just eat a bowl of peoplefood instead of cooking? Well, we just found out that it HAS been invented! It's called Plumpy'Nut!

There was a card in a solicitation from Doctors Without Borders (which we won't be contributing to since they perform abortions) that had a life-size photo of a pack of Plumpy'Nut. It's slightly sweeter than peanut butter, but full of nutrients and stuff, and they feed it to malnourished kids around the world. Twelve weeks of eating nothing but Plumpy'Nut, and they're no longer malnourished.

I immediately searched online to try to buy some, but to no avail. I want it for myself for days I'm too lazy to cook, but I can appreciate why they don't want this food falling into the wrong hands. How many parents would just order a case and feed their kids Plumpy'Nut instead of cooking them balanced meals? I totally would take the shortcut, especially since kids like the stuff.

I suspect that with a little more searching, I'll be able to find a recipe. I think there are scientific studies proving how healthy it is, they probably have the ingredients listed along with their proportions.