My Teeth STILL Aren't Fixed!

I had been looking forward to my dentist appointment today, since I have been chewing on only the left side of my mouth for nearly a month. But the lab that was making my crowns messed up my bite alignment, so instead of just popping out the temporaries and cementing in my new teeth, he spent an hour drilling away the high parts so I could close my mouth when I bite. Unfortunately I have to go back to the dentist next week since my crowns were so far off my dentist has to send them back to the lab to be reworked. Sigh.

When I got home, I called to find out why my insurance claims keep getting denied. It turns out that Benefits Concepts screwed up our first cobra payment, which I sent five weeks ago. They said they returned the check to me, but I haven't gotten it. Grr. I sent ANOTHER check and stopped payment on the first. What a hassle.

Then I got the mail, and saw the IRS still thinks I owe them a ton of $ for 2007. But I spent over an hour on the phone about this last month, going over the allocation of our estimated payments for 2007 between Terry and myself, since we made our estimated payments jointly, but filed separately. The lady SAID she updated all that on my records, but this new notice was printed recently, so there's a problem somewhere.

What makes me particularly mad about the above three problems is that I thought I had already taken care of them! I sat through a 2+ hr appointment where my dentist took many molds of my teeth last month, I sent my cobra payment last month, and I worked everything out with the IRS over the phone last month. What happened?!!? It's like everything I did in July just got voided. I've lost an entire month. Whatever IRS agent has the misfortune to pick up the phone will suffer my wrath tomorrow. No, it's not their fault. I'll just explain the whole @#*@#&$* situation again. Although if this second phone call doesn't fix the problem, I'm going to write to my congressman. Let HIM get on the phone and fix it. He's working for me anyway, might as well get a little benefit from the salary I'm paying him.