I Forgot I Was Sewing!

I was very productive this morning, after I ate breakfast I did a load of laundry, put away dishes, loaded the dishwasher, and started to finish sewing my poncho. I got the yellow lining prepared and sewn for the second side (I finished the first side several weeks ago before I had to abandon the project and go to Richmond). I decided how I wanted to finish the neck, tested my theory on some scraps, then created the neck facing.

In between all this, I vacuumed the parlor floor since it was THICK with cat hair, and it was the only place with enough floor space that I could lay my poncho down flat in order to pin the lining conveniently. I made a video of the vacuum action, since the rug looked practically white with fur and each stroke of the vacuum revealed the red patterned rug so vividly, I thought it would make a good product review feature for my vacuum. Watch for it in a future review post.

Anyway, I noticed that I had missed a phone call while vacuuming, so I checked the message and it was yet another doctor calling to ask why my medical insurance says I'm not covered. I called the Cobra admin people, but they said they hadn't received my SECOND check (don't even get me started on their incompetence) so I'll have to pay out-of-pocket for my appointment on Monday, then later apply for reimbursement. What a hassle.

I was supposed to take care of some banking stuff for Terry today, and I noticed it was already after 2pm, so I took a break from the sewing and got started on that. But there was a snag, since I discovered I had to fax some more documents (in addition to the ones I had notarized and mailed last month) before I could transfer funds, so I set about getting that documentation together. By 4pm I was so tired that I was practically falling asleep sitting up, but since the bank transaction I needed to get done today was with a bank based in UT, I decided I would be better off calling them after I had a nap.

I went out on the porch, since it's usually cool and shady back there all afternoon, and there was a pleasant breeze. I immediately fell sound asleep on the sofa, and didn't wake until 5:30pm. That was fine, it was only 3:30pm in UT, so the bank was still open. I tried to open the account online, but this bank doesn't have a particularly convenient online opening system, so I just called them.

I enjoy doing business with companies that actually have friendly, competent people working the phones. The guy set up a new account for me, and initiated the transfer. He saw that he already had a lot of the account information, and actually took the time to look it up and type it in himself from my records instead of making me repeat addresses, social security numbers, account numbers, etc. for his own convenience. I hate it when they just ask me the same questions again and again because they're too @#$#@ lazy to either remember or flip back a screen to see what they just typed. But this guy didn't bug me with that, so I was very happy. And he handled the initial funding transfer, and was even conversational during the dumb 9-11 banking questions (do the Feds really get useful anti-terror information by requiring bank employees to question everyone who opens a bank account??).

Since I had been online for a while I checked the Olympic schedule to see if there was anything worth watching tonight (yes, another Phelps medal race) and I signed up to get an alert so I turn on the TV in time to see it. Then I was wondering what happened to my day when I remembered I was sewing!

It's too dark to see now, but my poncho is still in the middle of the parlor floor where I left it earlier this afternoon. I think I've got 30 minutes before the swimming starts, and that should give me enough time to finish the neck facing. I may or may not feel like hemming the garment tonight. I'll probably put it off since I expect it will take more than one hour to finish that. I might make the side ties tonight, though, that should be quick and easy.