Interminable Trip to Lowe's

Terry and I were running errands out at Pantops when he suggested we go to the new Lowe's at Zions Crossroads instead of the one on 29N. He said it would be closer.

Fifteen minutes down the interstate he concedes he forgot how far out it actually was-- we weren't halfway to Richmond, but we were halfway to Short Pump. Well, at least I got to check out the new Lowe's.

I was hungry before we went in, but Terry agreed we'd just quickly return some items, and pick up about six other items then go eat. The store was well-staffed and practically empty, so at least returning the items went quickly. It was laid out differently than our Cville Lowe's, so it took a little longer to find a few items, but overall I thought we were ready to go after about 30 minutes.

But Terry kept insisting that when he measured the old rotted board we're going to replace, that it was 1 1/4" thick. He got a 1 3/4" board and planning on ripping it. When he told me that I explained that you can't just cut wood that way, you have to buy it in the proper thickness to begin with, and I truly doubted that the original wood was really 1 1/4" thick. When I replaced a board on the bay window on the other side of the house I was able to walk into the Lowe's and pick up a primed 1" board that was ready to go, so I was skeptical of his measurement. But I didn't want to come right out and accuse him of not being able to read a ruler. And when I found some non-wood trim the same size as our wood trim, I put that in the cart but he kept insisting that it was not the same size as our original. But they were the same size! He couldn't see that by looking at them, or even by holding them atop each other. I had to put both the old and new piece down against the side of a board, and push a board to the other side to prove that they were exactly the same.

With that settled, I sent him back to the lumber section to talk to the guy about getting a piece of wood the right size. I sat in a chair by the wallpaper section and waited. And waited. And waited. I was very hungry at this point, then Terry calls and asks me to push the huge lumber cart to the checkout. Grrr. And he's carrying several other boards, none of them the right size. I know they'll all need to be returned, but I'll let him figure that out when he gets home. Finally, an hour after we went in, we leave Lowe's. The cashiers are new, so that process took an unreasonably long time, this time I sat in a rocking chair by the front door to wait for her to get trained using Terry as the example customer.

Once at the car, Terry couldn't manage to fit a small piece of plywood in the trunk, so he puts it in the back seat. Madness. I'm too hungry to talk, so we immediately go to the nearby McD and eat. After that, I felt better. When we went back to the car I took the plywood out of the back seat, opened the trunk, and put the wood in. Terry said he didn't realize the trunk was a little wider several inches below the top. He said I must know that since I use the trunk more often. How many times has he packed the car for our trips? He takes pride in his "good trunk packing techniques" and he didn't think a piece of wood would fit there???

When we got home, I took a tape measure out to the rotten wood board. It wasn't 1 1/4". It was 1 1/8", tops, and the 1/8" was just because the board was swollen and wet (hence the rot). I told Terry we'd go back to the Lowe's tomorrow since we've got to drive back to Cville anyway to meet one of his friends for dinner. And I'd show him where to find the right board to use as a replacement.

I thought I'd be able to use my new Dremel to cut the old board out, but I don't have a blade large enough. I'll pick up a proper one while we're at the Lowe's. Note that once I realized my current blade wasn't big enough for the job, I didn't just try to hack away at the board with it. I stopped, and decided to wait until I could buy the proper blade. Is this a difference between men and women, or is this just particular to Terry and me?