Still Organizing the CDs

248 down, 80 to go. I spent the morning moving CD booklets from their jewel cases into plastic sleeves. It saves an incredible amount of space, which is crucial since the jewel cases were overflowing their holders and starting to pile up on the floor. I updated my CD database as I went. I'm using the Readerware software, so much of the CD data was automatically uploaded when I scanned the bar codes. But today I was going through the CDs I got through the BMG music club, and I had to click-and-drag those albums from online to import the data since the bar codes on those are non-standard. It still beats typing it all in by hand.

I've been watching daytime TV during this process otherwise I would be too bored to stick with it. I saw an interesting show about some lady politician. I can't believe I've forgotten her name already. But I think she's Cokie Roberts' mom, is the widow of a politician whose plane crashed in Alaska, is from New Orleans, and was friends with Ladybird Johnson. Then I watched a Malcolm in the Middle which was enjoyable, it's only about the fifth episode of that I've ever seen, it's not one of my usual shows. Now I'm watching the Cosby show. The forced jokes are annoying, but it's better than watching The View. I used to like The View back in the beginning, but I can't stand the current mix of ladies.