I Think I Have Sciatica

I've had this weird pain on my right side just above my tailbone. I first noticed it two or three days ago, it was just a little bit sore. I couldn't figure out what muscle I'd pulled, or how I would have pulled it since it was a place that had never hurt me before.

I ignored it, figuring it would go away, but now it's worse. I could hardly walk for hours at a time today. Terry was good and encouraged me to rest, he said he'd pick up the slack around the house-- his mother is coming for a visit starting tomorrow, so we were doing a more thorough cleaning than we usually do.

While I was down, I flipped through our Harvard Medical Guide trying to figure out what muscle I pulled. But after reading the chapter about muscles, it seems to me that sciatica more accurately describes my symptoms. I guess the good news is that is frequently goes away with no intervention other than bed rest. Of course it's not a great time for me to be down since we'll have a houseguest, but oh well.

I actually don't feel bad standing up, so I can still cook and do relatively stationary tasks, but walking is uncomfortable. I'm supposed to do the grocery shopping tomorrow, so hopefully I'll feel better by then. If not, I'll just make an abbreviated list for Terry to pick up before he goes to the airport.