Aaah, Quiet!

Terry's mother came down for a visit from Thursday afternoon through yesterday afternoon. It was fine, but that woman can talk! She lives alone, and doesn't really seem to like very many people, so she crams all the talking that normal people would have done with their friends over the past several months, into the few days she visits us. Now that we're alone again, it's nice to have a little space.

Terry and I usually talk in the morning up through breakfast, then do our own thing until lunch. We talk at lunch, then do our own thing until dinner, and we'll talk over dinner. But we do most of our daily talking during our evening walk, weather permitting we'll walk about three miles after dinner daily. The rest of the time we get to follow our own interests, and mine generally are in silence since I find constant noise a bit overwhelming.

I just found out today that the electrician is coming tomorrow, so I'm going to paint the ceiling in the addition tonight since it will be easier to accomplish before the track lights are up.