Sunny, Sunny Laundry Room!

Since I felt so good about painting the ceilings in our attic renovation yesterday, I started painting the walls of the laundry room this morning.

I'm painting them the same color yellow as my kitchen ("Squish-Squash" is the Benjamin Moore color, if you're curious). In the smaller space of the laundry room, it looks even brighter than in my well-lit and open kitchen.

Walking into the laundry room now is like walking into a sunshine-y day with the blue sky above and sunshine all around. Even today it's gray outside, but so bright and cheerful up there! I've finished one coat on all the walls, and two coats on a few of the walls. But the electricians are working on the track lights this afternoon, so I'm taking a break so I won't be in their way.

I was already painting when the junior electrician started installing the outlets. I think he didn't recognize me in my painting clothes with my hair in a bandanna, since he said, "So, you're working alone today?" as if I were a painter. I didn't chat much, but we did talk a little bit. He was talking about a job he was working on down on JPA.

Matt, the carpenter, blew my cover when he started asking me how I wanted the trim, etc. Then the other guy realized that I wasn't just another contractor on the job, but the owner.

The room is really coming along. It will be nice once the lights are installed today, since we have been using flashlights to check out the work in the evenings after everyone has left for the day.