What Color Should I Paint the Sewing Room?

The bedroom adjacent to the laundry room will become my sewing room. Its proximity is very convenient since I have to pre-shrink fabric, use the iron to press seams, etc. so it makes sense to use the room closest to the laundry room.

I had been thinking about painting it yellow to match the laundry room, but now that the laundry room is painted, I'm thinking that that would be too much yellow. I want a bright, perky color, but not TOO bright and perky. That yellow is pretty darn perky. It's perfect for the laundry room since there are no windows in that room and it needs the bright, but the sewing room has great natural light.

I may still choose yellow for that room, but now I'm leaning toward a much softer yellow color. I'm thinking of putting up yellow toile curtains and chair cushions, and I could make those the brighter yellow hue while keeping the walls subdued. I'll move the butcher-block table in there once construction is done and that might give me a better idea what to color the walls.

I decided on Benjamin

I decided on Benjamin Moore's "Amelia Blush", it's number 085 (sometimes the company changes color names, but the number stays the same).

I made the curtains from fabric I got at Calico Corners. As you can see from the random piles of stuff on the quilting cutting table, I need to reorganize before I can get back to quilting-- I kept the room neat for the first year, but it's gotten worse since I had a baby and less time for this sort of thing.

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