I needed to get some basic clothes for around the house and running errands. I didn't feel like stopping in the Old Navy yesterday when I was in town, and the errand was not worth a separate 30 minute one-way drive to me, so I checked out the website.

How convenient! I hadn't ordered from any of these stores except in person before, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are all connected online. So you can order from any or all stores for one flat $7 shipping rate. And if you have a credit card from any of the stores, there are free shipping options available.

Although I ordered most of my clothes from Old Navy, I wound up ordering a pair of jeans from the GAP that I wouldn't have gotten if I had to drive out to the store, since it's not convenient to the Old Navy location. And I got free shipping by using Terry's Banana Republic card. Although the Banana Republic IS convenient to the Old Navy here, it's useless for me since I've gained enough weight to look awful in their clothes. But it's one of the few places where the clothes are cut slim enough to look sharp on Terry.

Since I got free shipping, it actually saved me $4 plus 1 hour of free time over real shopping. I figure the amount of time I spent browsing online is roughly equivalent to the amount of time I would have spent in the store trying a few things on, yet I saved the travel time to and from the store, plus the $4 in gas I use each trip into Cville.

Bottom Line: They've done a good job merging their websites, and the $7 flat fee for shipping is very reasonable yet still easily avoided if you have one of their store credit cards.