I'm a little disappointed that summer was pretty much completely skipped, but if the show is supposed to be centered around high school life, I guess I can forgive that. We've got this one summer episode, at least.

It's set in the Hamptons instead of NYC, mostly in what I gather is Serena's grandmother's enormous estate. Serena spent the summer moping, Nate's been banging a cougar while her husband was out of town, Chuck and Dan have been hound dogs. Blair picked up a dull boyfriend in France after Chuck blew her off. This episode is when everybody meets up again.

I think it's idiotic of Chuck to not tell Blair he loves her, because he does. He's only not saying that because he knows the advice his father gave at the end of last season is right; once he has a real girlfriend he'll settle down a little bit and start to grow up. But like Peter Pan, Chuck desperately wants to avoid growing up, so he avoids the relationship that will hasten his maturity.

I'm hardly surprised he's made this choice, he's only 17 or 18. I stand by the observation I made at age 19, that most men are absolutely useless in relationships until they are at least 27 years old. But he and Blair are so perfect for each other, really, he should get over his fear of commitment and just tell her he loves her and be done with it. It's not like he's got much to fear, anyway. Blair is too self-absorbed to make a real commitment to anyone but herself anyway, it's just lip-service.

It looks like Serena and Dan will be back together. I think they're an okay couple, but Dan's got to get over his problem with Serena getting into complicated situations. If he doesn't like that, he should just date a dull Brooklyn girl.

I have to agree with Jenny's boss that the dress she designed is hideous. She looks like an American Girl doll come to life. But I'm glad her and Eric will be friends, even if I think Eric is a little creepy despite his puppy-dog cuteness.

I can tell already that Blair is going to be excruciating with her "Lord" boyfriend. And Nate should drop the cougar now that summer's over, but of course he won't. I'm not sure I like that more older characters (Lord Boyfriend and Cougar) will be more involved this season. I liked the focus on just the kids and parents. But it's not like high school girls don't date college-age men, and high school boys don't occasionally get hooked up with an older woman.