The Construction Workers Are Gone!

Hallelujah! We finally got the construction crew out of our house! They cleaned up and got out of here yesterday, the dumpster was picked up later that afternoon. I'm continuing to paint the new rooms before the floor is installed. Hopefully the installer will be able to put the floor in sometime next week-- that would be ideal, although I have no idea what his schedule is right now.

I need to put a second coat of "White Dove" on the upper part of the studio walls. I've decided to paint the sewing room "Amelia Blush" in a matte finish. I haven't decided if the built-in shelves in that room will be "White Dove" or a color I had matched to the fabric of the storage boxes I bought to fit, a warm neutral shade, kind of like aged ivory.

I need to decide if I want to paint the sliding closet doors in the laundry room yellow to match the walls, or leave them wood-colored to match the folding table and shelves (which I still need to measure and install).

But it's all looking good! I'm really trying to get a move on painting the shelves, since they'll take a month to cure before I can put things on the shelves and be sure it won't stick to the paint. And there's a lot of stuff that needs to get out of our other rooms and onto those shelves. The good news is that I CAN start putting things into storage in the new closet space in Terry's studio and the laundry room. It will be nice to be able to walk into my office and to the far side of our bedroom again. . .

And it's been awhile since I've sewn any home decor, so I'm actually looking forward to picking out curtains! I'm going to also repaint the current guest bedroom a neutral color (from its current color of baby blue) since we're going to re-purpose that room. I'm going to go with an antique-y sort of look to go with the furniture already in there. Now I'm thinking about floral curtains in the sewing room, and toile in the old guest bedroom.

I really love to decorate!!