Hammock Camp Pond Project Is Back On Track!

The Army Corp engineer finally had time to come out to the farm for a site visit. He checked out the streams near our proposed pond site, and declared one a "perennial seep" and the other "ephemeral". He can approve the project as long as the pond won't block more than 300 linear feet of the perennial stream. That won't be a problem, we were never planning to have a pond the size of a football field! It's just a small pond, a tiny little swimming hole we can use to cool off in the summer.

I hadn't been down by the stream in months, I've been preoccupied with other things. But I was reminded just how much cooler it is down there beneath the canopy of hardwood trees. Constant shade at all times,the lower elevation, and the cool water combine to make it a wonderful getaway location. I am so fortunate to have a spot like this available to close to my home, and I am glad that it looks like we'll be able to get approval without a mitigation plan. I think that means we won't have to hire a civil engineer to design a dam, we just have to submit the basic dimensions with the application. Hooray!