Fenway vs. The Corn Husk

I've been trying to get back to a healthy diet, so tonight I fixed myself a healthy snack of fresh corn on the cob instead of ice cream. I wrap the cob, husk and all in a paper towel, then nuke it for about two minutes, then let it sit for several minutes before I unwrap and eat it. I usually fold the husk down but leave it on, and use it like a handle while I'm eating the corn.

Today, Fenway just started chewing on the husk while it was in my hand. He'd never done that before (nor had any of my other cats), but I went ahead and tore off a bit of the husk for him to chew on, since him eating my food from the other end while I was trying to eat it really wasn't working for me.

But once he got his own personal bit of corn husk, he stopped chewing it! Instead, he bat it off the couch, then chased it around the house. You know how cats do, they bat it, then chase after it, then pounce on it, and wind up tossing it again and the cycle repeats. Fenway was having quite a battle with the corn husk! Unfortunately, I lost track of where he ended up with it, so I'll just have to keep my eye out for dead corn husk somewhere in my house.