Not Another Ceiling!

I wasn't feeling particularly motivated today, but I did wind up painting one wall of the sewing room its new color-- Amelia Blush. It's a pale peach color.

But as I was wiping down the other walls in preparation of painting them, I noticed that there was a two-foot swath of ceiling that needed to be painted on the far end of the room. There used to be a closet on that wall, but we had that removed and replaced by a wall of built-in shelves. But the ceiling had to be repaired where the old closet wall used to be, and so needs to be painted.

I found a 10 year old can of paint the original owners left, and I thought it was the color of the ceiling. Just painting a bit of the ceiling wasn't so bad. But it has dried darker than the paint currently on the ceiling. I'm not sure if that paint is actually not the kind they used on the ceiling, or if time has caused the color to turn somehow. I'll dig through the garage to see if I can find another can of paint still here from when we moved in. I really hope I find the exact match and that it is still a good match after all these years. Because I hate painting ceilings! And the one in the sewing room is big, I would dread having to paint the whole thing. Plus I'm not sure what color I'd paint it if I had to do the whole thing over. Probably "White Dove" since I have extra of that paint, and it's a flat white. The blue I used on the laundry room and studio ceilings would be too much for the sewing room. I'll see how the current paint I found looks in the daylight tomorrow, once it has completely dried.