JetBlue for Cable TV

I was talking about TV shows with my friend Cathy, and how I generally only saw cable shows when I was at hotels or flying JetBlue. Since Terry quit his job, we don't spend nearly as much time in hotels as we used to, nor do we have as many reasons to fly.

However, since I get the family perk of flying free on JetBlue, it occured to me that I could check the TV schedule for my favorite shows, and fly just to watch the marathons. I remember on my last flight to the west coast Bravo was running a Project Runway marathon, and I saw the better part of a season and enjoyed that flight a lot. I could just book some long trips to watch cable TV for free.

Where else but in Heidi's World is it cheaper to get your cable tv fix by booking transcontinental flights than by paying for satellite at home?