At Least It's Cut-In

The dwindling daylight and impending episode of Gossip Girl pushed me to action. While I knew I couldn't paint the whole ceiling by 8pm, I did finish the most odious part, the cutting-in around the edges. Dip, wipe, paint, paint, paint, get down, move the ladder, climb back up the ladder, dip, wipe, paint, paint, paint. It took an entire hour to go around the room, the air vent, and the smoke detector.

Tomorrow morning I'll use a roller and fill in the rest of the ceiling. And keep my fingers crossed that it will only need one coat. I'm using the new expensive paint from Benjamin Moore, because by and large one coat has been enough over already-primed surfaces.

Once the ceiling is done, I think I'll reward myself by getting out of the house. Of course, I'll need to leave the house to buy more paint, this time for the built-in shelving unit. I think I want to use an enamel for that. But I'll also be near Pesto Mediterranean Grill, so I'll treat myself to a nice lunch since I'm getting tired of eating leftover pork roast.