Finished the Ceiling, Continued the Walls

I finished painting the ceiling this morning. I found a stick I could attach to my roller so I didn't need to drag the ladder around. I'm so glad I got this done before the floors are installed since I didn't have to cover the whole place. Although the paint was pretty good, and didn't drip much.

Then I cleaned myself up, returned some library books and picked up two I had on hold, and treated myself to lunch from Pesto Mediterranean Grill. It's both healthy AND delicious! I even had a soda, which is not on my diet, but I'm getting pretty sick of water, water, water. At least it was less calories than the glass of wine I would have preferred to accompany my meal.

This evening, I cut-in on the two unpainted walls, and cut-in around a few sections of the bookshelf, too. I've decided to paint the inside of the shelves the same peach color as the walls, and I'll paint the front-pieces the same color white as the trim. But I haven't decided exactly which shade of white I'll use for the trim. I have some time to decide, painting all those shelves will probably take several days.