Why Everything Takes So Long

My plan today was to go out to BRBS first thing and get the rest of the paint needed to finish the sewing room and the trim in the rest of the addition. But I figured since there were a few things I wanted to get in the mail, I'd print those off first so I could drop them at the post office during the same trip. That was over three hours ago.

First I got sidetracked by playing a word game on facebook, but that didn't take more than ten minutes before I caught myself and got back to work. But when I was checking my email, I saw some invoices from the construction, one of which needed to be paid, but not until I had reviewed it and adjusted the total. That whole process probably took ten minutes. I did print out my passport renewal application, but then I couldn't find the photos. I thought they'd be in the stack of receipts and stuff I empty out of my purse each week, so I brought the pile upstairs. I run the receipts through the NeatReceipts program which more-or-less automatically scans and categorizes them.

That took quite awhile, especially since I found some medical receipts I had to submit for reimbursement since the COBRA administrator screwed up our account and was rejecting our claims for over two months forcing me to pay out-of-pocket and now file for reimbursement. So I found THOSE forms, filled them out, and got those ready to mail, too.

When I finally found a padded envelope in which to send the passport renewal (it's required), I realized that the stapler which I needed to staple the photos to the application was inaccessible. Why? Because it was in my office cabinet, which was buried behind about 12 cubic feet of musical equipment which was removed from Terry's office and stacked there during construction. So I just moved two congas and their stands, a music stand, an electronic keyboard, and a flute to the new cabinets in Terry's studio. Even though Terry says he wants all of his instruments out and in the room, I have to put them in the cabinets for now, until the floor is installed next week. Carrying all that stuff made me tired, so I'm taking a break here to complain. Wah.

I now have about eight more boxes of stuff to move before I can open the cabinet door to get to my stapler so I can staple my photos to my passport application so I can stuff it all in a padded envelope and get to the post office. Although at this point there is probably a bit of a lunch rush, which is a nuisance. Plus I'm a little tired already so I'll have to rest before the activity of painting again. Or maybe not, I'm probably just tired because I'm getting a little bit hungry. I'll grab a burger and the protein boost should get me through the afternoon. . .