I'll Be Glad When the Painting Is Done

I spent four hours today painting. I put a first coat on 6 of 18 portions of the bookshelves, the door, and the last wall. I put a second coat on two walls and 9 of 18 portions of the bookshelves. Tomorrow I'll probably have another four hours at least. First I'll finish the second coat on what's left in the sewing room. Then I'll paint the trim in the laundry room, then back to paint the trim in the sewing room. Then I'll be mostly done.

Another big job will be to paint the overhead beams in the studio. But I'm not sure what color exactly to paint them, so I'll wait until I know. That sort of decision usually comes to me after I've spent some time in the space. Sometimes I have to paint test patches to be sure. Like for the bookshelves I did one part in Dove White, another in a cream to match the fabric of the storage boxes. I thought I would use one of those colors, but after living with those colors on the shelves for a few days, they just weren't doing it for me. But then when I thought of painting them the same as the walls it all clicked. And I think it looks good, and I'm very happy I waited until I had that "aha" moment for color selection. So I'm sure it will happen for those overhead beams at some point.

It might help once the floor is installed, and I see how the darker wood of the floor looks contrasted with the lighter wood of the cabinet doors. The feel of the room might suggest a color to me.

In the meantime, I think once this round of painting is done, I'll work on making the sewing room curtains before I paint the guest bedroom. I'm going to really need a break from all this painting. It makes my arms tired, and it's a little messy.