Nearly Four Hours Painting

I spent 3 hours and 45 minutes painting this afternoon, and I still didn't completely finish. So I'll just have to put some paper down and be careful not to splatter paint when I finish after the floor is installed. The guys come tomorrow morning at 8am, so I'll be up bright and early.

Tomorrow is supposed to be much cooler than today (I think it hit 90F today, but will be in the 70s tomorrow), so it will be a good day for me to do a bunch of cleaning. I've got to take stuff out to the compost pile, clean the cat litter, check on our lettuce seedlings, cover the mulch pile, put the screens on the windows Terry painted. Outdoor stuff.

I'll probably clean the downstairs generally, it needs to be straightened up, dusted and vacuumed. There will probably be too much hammering noise from the floor installation to concentrate on anything quiet. I've got Bunko tomorrow night up in Ruckersville, so I might leave early and swing by the airport Target, there were a few things I want that WalMart isn't chic enough to carry. I haven't wanted them badly enough to make a special 45-minute trip to the Target, but if I'll be up there anyway. . .