My doctor recommended I go off my ADD meds for a little while, and boy, do I notice a difference.

Today was somewhat productive, but random. I made a tuna salad sandwich for breakfast, then read the paper until the flooring guys showed up. I got hungry again so I nuked an ear of local corn (delicious). I cleaned the cat litter, then put the plants Terry had been storing in the guest bathroom tub back outside. But I forgot that there were still bricks and towels in the bottom of the tub, which I only noticed tonight when I went in to use the bathroom. But by then it was too dark to take them out and do anything with them. I also took the kitchen waste out to the compost barrel.

I spent a few hours monitoring the stock market, the drop in the overall market was good for my positions, and I anticipate there will be further declines, so I held tight. I decided to cook a meatloaf for lunch, it would take at least 50 minutes to cook, possibly longer, so I put it in the oven.

I went outside and put back the screens Terry removed when he was painting the bay window, and cleaned up all the debris he had left in the grass. Then I decided to mow the lawn since the grass is about 8-12" high around the house. First I dragged the lawn chairs onto the drive so I could mow the whole field. Then I went and checked the gas in the tractor (it was on empty). Fortunately, there was a gas can full of diesel in the house so I filled up the tractor. But by this point my meatloaf had been in the oven for 40 minutes, so I decided I should not mow until after lunch, lest my meatloaf burn.

But the meatloaf wasn't done in 50 minutes, it took considerably longer than that. I read more investment commentary while I waited. By the time the meat had cooked and I finished my sandwich, it was nearly 3pm. I saw that the parlor rug was covered in cat hair again, so I vacuumed that. Around 4pm the floor guys left, so I started to change and get ready for Bunko.

I left the house around 5pm, and it was only when I was already in Charlottesville that I remembered I never put the meatloaf away, it was still atop the oven where I left it to cool. My first stop was Sam's Club, but they are re-arranging the store and I couldn't find the bottled water, the only thing I really wanted there, so I left in disgust. I had one other thing in my cart, but I just left it in the aisle and walked out, since they only had two cashiers working so the lines were terribly long, and since I couldn't even find the water I wasn't going to wait in line for one thing, I didn't have that much time before Bunko.

My trip to Target was better-- it wasn't crowded in there at all, and I eventually found everything I wanted. I even picked up a few new tops, my old ones are a bit too snug for my taste at this point.

Bunko was fun, but I had a very hard time when I had to keep score-- without the meds, keeping score, rolling in turn, and keeping up a conversation with my tablemates was more than I could handle. But they were nice, and helped point out what team just scored points if I missed it. It's hard enough for me to just keep up with both conversation and rolling in turn. I CAN keep score and roll if I don't pay attention to the conversation, so it's a relief when someone else starts telling a story or something so I can just watch the dice.

I had a long drive home from Ruckersville, and I decided to take Rt 29 instead of the back way, figuring it would be easier to manage. I wish-- they were doing construction, and lanes were closed and there were cones up and bright construction lights and it was a mess. I went through a yellow light I probably would have ordinarily stopped at, but I was distracted by the flashing police lights and construction crews waving cars around. I'll stay in Crozet (or at least off Rt 29) until the construction is done, that was a total drag driving through that.

And as I was carrying my parcels in from the car in the dark, through the footlong wet grass, I realized that I never got around to mowing today. Hopefully the weather will be as nice tomorrow, and I'll get that done. I also need to put away the vacuum cleaner, it's still in the parlor. One step forward, one step back.