I Accidentally Sanded My Leg

I was working tonight to fit a bit of floor molding to the wall adjacent to the built-in shelves that our bad contractor didn't finish. After I cut the piece to fit, I had to sand the edges a bit for it to fit exactly. I didn't sand my leg while I was sanding the wood, that part was fine. But once after I stopped sanding I wasn't paying attention to how I was holding the sander and the edge grazed my thigh. Fortunately the power was off, so it didn't take off much skin, it was just the residual spinning, but nevertheless I now have a scraped patch that is uncomfortable.

Once I got the piece to fit, I stopped for the night-- I still have to nail it to the wall, fill and sand the seam where the pieces abut, and then repeat the process for the same spot on the opposite wall. But the floor guys told me this afternoon that they had to make a delivery tomorrow morning so they wouldn't be here first thing. So I'll finish up in the morning.

I was able to paint a lot of the trim this evening, but still not all of it. But since the quarter-round is probably going on tomorrow, at least I finished painting the floor molding (except for the new bits) so it will look nice.