9am Is NOT Later

I had barely finished sawing the floor molding for the second wall in the sewing room when my doorbell rang at 9am. It was different guys from the floor installation company, so I guess they DIDN'T have to make a delivery first. I told them I was expecting them later, but to come on in. The silver lining is that when I explained to the guy that I hadn't yet had time to fasten the molding to the wall he said it would be no problem to nail in the moldings for me, so I only had to half the job myself.

The unfortunate part is that as I was in the middle of construction work, I hadn't gotten my shower yet. And now that there are a couple men upstairs I've never seen before, I don't want to shower while I'm otherwise alone in the house with them. I'm sure there wouldn't be any problem, it just would seem weird, so I'll wait until they leave for lunch. It's already 10:30am, so it's only another two hours.

While they were setting up their equipment outside, I also used that opportunity to screw in the fastening nails to the shelf above the washer and dryer. They had used an appliance dolly to pull the washer and dryer away from the wall yesterday so they could install the floor underneath them, and I can only fasten the screws while the appliances are pulled out (the shelf is only 1.5" above the top of the machines, so I couldn't get a screwdriver in there). I'm glad I remembered to take care of that since I don't have an appliance dolly myself and moving those behemoths without one is impossible for me (I tried).