Outdoor Kitchen / Kitchen Garden

I've been mulling over ideas about how I want my kitchen garden to look, since it's prudent to do the hardscaping and soil amendment this fall in anticipation for planting next spring.

At first, I thought about putting the outdoor kitchen near the garden, including a sink to wash vegetables. That way I can go outside and make a salad without coming back into the house. Or I can take items directly to the grill to roast them. I'm still considering what to do about the dining room. It would be nice if it opened to the garden, but now I'm thinking it would also be nice if it also extended into the garden. The difference would be replacing a window with a door, or replacing a window with a door which opens onto a screened dining area.

On the other hand, we already have a screened porch with a dining table, and it's more comfortable to eat back there in the evening since it's shaded at that hour. But I haven't been using that table much since we added two more cats, and the litterboxes for three cats are nearby which is unappetizing, even though you can't see them. Hmm, the more I think about it, the more it seems the solution should be to move the litterboxes rather than create a whole new dining area. And maybe I should make the outdoor kitchen on the shady side of the house instead of the sunny side. That also makes sense.

I might want to put a high fence around the garden to keep out the deer and rabbits, but it could also serve to keep the cats in, so they could be outside but not all in the woods with the coyotes. And they could catch the mice and rabbits that burrow under the fence. But I would have to make sure they use their litterboxes and not the vegetable garden dirt. I'll have to look into that.

Obviously, I've got to spend some more time working out all the details. Things like this usually take me anywhere from one week to several months to work out. But I'm motivated to put a plan together so Terry can get to work in October and November before the ground freezes and it's too cold for him to dig.