Curtains Almost Done

I'm almost done with the curtains in the sewing room. The main part of the curtain is constructed, and everything is mounted on the wall. It looks good.

I originally was going to cut each panel to 45" width, but figured it wouldn't hurt to just use the full 54" fabric width instead to have a fuller look. What I didn't anticipate was that in addition to a fuller look, the flounces hang down a lot farther than I anticipated. However in one respect this has worked in my favor-- I moved the mounting bar to just 6" below the ceiling instead of right at the top of the window frame, and it gives the illusion of the windows being much larger than they are. Where is has worked against me is that even raised up, they cover more of the window than I originally anticipated. I can live with that, it's not so bothersome that I'm going to trim & resew each panel.

I still need to figure out what kind of decoration to use at the top of the curtain. Either more ruffle, or some type of bow. I also need to install a cleat to hold the pull-cord for when the curtains are raised. Right now I just have it tied to the window latch, but that's not satisfactory since I can't open or close the window that way.