Crozet Town Meeting

Terry and I went to the Crozet Town Meeting tonight in the local high school cafeteria. I found it terribly dull, much like a corporate shareholder's meeting. Terry had a better tolerance for it, but only because he has had to sit through more dull powerpoint presentations than you can imagine.

All the speakers did was give an update about what progress has been made on the various town projects since the last meeting. The projects are the new library, the reconfiguring of the new "Main St." corridor, the use of the old school, and the new park in Old Trail.

There was nothing presented that I hadn't already read about online or in the local paper. Our property isn't anywhere near the new projects, but we do use the downtown shops, restaurants, and library, so the project will affect us somewhat. Terry and I are going to keep our eyes out for commercial real estate opportunities in the Crozet area.