Video Game Day

Yesterday I was fairly occupied with trading (I decided to trade dollars for yen as an inflation hedge) and then Terry and I attended a community meeting which ran quite long-- from around 7 to after 9:30pm. We missed all the Thursday night shows we would have normally watched, but whatever, we'll watch them online.

Our original plan was to run errands today, but it's raining again, and although I used my sunlamp this morning, I still didn't feel like going out. So Terry said he'd go run the errands (both his and mine, although it involves him going into a fabric shop to buy fabric which he is none too thrilled about). That gives me more time to sit around in my sweats playing my new video game.

Since I have gotten back on my "healthy diet" since I gained, gulp, 25 lbs since last August, I've been going back to the Dr. Phil techniques of substituting non-food pleasure for food pleasure. And one thing that for the most part I enjoy doing as much as either drinking or eating cookies is playing video games. So as a reward for not knocking back a bottle of pinot over the course of a week, I buy myself a new video game.

I got "Lost Winds" last week, it's "Wiiware" which means it's downloadable directly onto my Wii, no computer or anything involved, just a credit card. Wiiware is usually cheaper than major games, for example Lost Winds was just $10.

But I wanted a complicated game and the reviews for Super Mario Galaxy were very good. The website "Gamefly" sells used games for less than full price, I forget exactly what I paid but I think it was something like $35 instead of $50 full-price. The game arrived in good condition, so it was a good deal. I'll get more games through them in the future. But it should take me over 40 hours of game play to get through this one.

So while Terry is off being productive, buying me fabric and returning my library book, I'm sitting around playing a video game. I'll shower and dress in time to go out to dinner tonight. It's a Friday night after all, and we don't go out much anymore, so I'm ready for a change of scenery.