Several Video Game Days. . .

Terry and I went to Richmond on Saturday afternoon to offer moral support to my sister Cindy. Terry had a great time playing with our 2-yr-old niece, Addison. I didn't have much patience with her that day, so it was good that Terry took her out to play. I did enjoy feeding Anika. The twins were being bottle-fed and also started solid food on Saturday, although I just fed them the bottle. It was their first day trying to eat other food, so they didn't eat much, Cindy was just getting them used to it. They're still spitting up quite a bit. I wonder why no one seems to have invented a burping apron. I think I'll make one out of absorbent terry cloth that covers the entire front of one's body and lap.

That night Terry and I went to dinner at Sensi, we'd heard it was a good restaurant in Richmond. It was ok, but nothing we'd bother going to again. There are plenty of better restaurants here in Charlottesville.

We stayed at my parents' Saturday night and most of the day on Sunday. Again, Terry had a great time with Addison, but Cindy's kids bore me. To be fair, it's not just her kids, but pretty much ALL kids bore me. Come to think of it, it's not just kids. A lot of adults are dull as well. Not that I am a font of interesting conversation, I'm sure I'm very often every bit as dull as everyone else.

I did ask a lot of questions about kids that I was curious about. For example, while I know one friend was in La Leche League and breastfed her boy until he was at least 2 yrs old, I never bothered to find out if that was all he ate. Both mom & Cindy concurred that babies can live on breast milk alone for about six months, but solid foods are often introduced a bit earlier than that. And even if the child continues to nurse, they'll need to eat solid food to stay healthy.

They also both thought that cribs were a necessity, but I remain unconvinced. Although my suspicion is based on nothing more than the feeling that keeping your child in a cage all night can't be necessary. Cindy says that kids like to be confined to a cage when they sleep, since they like boundaries. Hmm. If I ever have a kid, I'll look into it. Cribs just take up so much room, and they're so cage-like, I just don't like them.

Terry and I left mid-afternoon and stopped by the Nordstrom so I could get some new bras. No one in Charlottesville carries the brand I like. Then we drove straight to the 5:15pm mass at St. Thomas Aquinas, then got some groceries and went home. Spent a nice evening watching last week's episodes of Heroes so we'd be caught up for tomorrow night (I watch Gossip Girl on Mondays, and we go to Cathy's to watch Heroes on Tuesday since she's got Tivo).

Today I mostly played more Super Mario Galaxy. Terry made me stop before lunch and go through the mail. Bleh, I hate going through the mail. But at least it's done for another week. I didn't bother making any of the appointments I wanted to fit in tomorrow while I was in town, but maybe I can do that in the morning. I'm just so unmotivated lately.