I Got A Lot Done Yesterday

Today I've been unmotivated, but yesterday was so productive I don't feel too bad.

Yesterday I got records from one doctor and brought them to another. I got new lipstick, foundation, and lipliner. I got a cashmere sweater and a faux-suede blouse. I put a library book on hold, and looked at bedroom furniture. I got my brows waxed, a haircut, a facial, and a pedicure. I went to dinner with my husband, then watched TV with some friends. I got some bio-digestive pills (something like that, I got them at Whole Foods on the recommendation of the new doctor), and helped Terry return a mini-fridge to one of my friends. That's more than I typically do in an entire week.

So today I read the latest Portfolio magazine while lounged out on the porch. Then I flipped through all my Halloween books and catalogs and decided on a theme for this year's party. I started putting together the guest list, but was interrupted by Terry before I finished. We watched some YouTube videos he wanted me to see, then I caught up with my emails from the past few days. I started looking into Polynesian vacations (Terry and I plan to go in November or December) but went for a walk with Terry before I got too far into my vacation research.

After our walk, we walked through our fields and selected a location for the first part of the orchard. We'll probably start with a dozen trees, maybe more. We went out to dinner, and I've been checking my usual websites since we got back.

I haven't been packing, although Terry's been bugging me about it since we got home. Bleh, I hate packing. But I guess I better get to it.