Blogging On The Wall

I was watching an old episode of Gossip Girl that I missed, and decided to blog from the same computer. Terry has his NJ computer in the living room this week, hooked up to the projector we use to watch TV. The HDTV reception in the apartment has been dismal this week, so we're basically reduced to watching only shows that put their episodes online.

But it's fun to use the computer with the big projector. It's very easy on the eyes, with the screen as big as the wall. There are some facebook games I've been playing on my laptop, but I think the fact that I'm using the touchpad on my laptop instead of a mouse has been slowing me down. I'm going to try them from here, since Terry's got a wireless mouse hooked up. Or not hooked up, exactly, since it's wireless.

Terry has been busy fixing the kitchen floor all day. When he patched a hole last month, he didn't repair it correctly, so he had to rip out the plywood and do it over. Also, he didn't realize how he was supposed to use the floor filler he applied last night, and had to spend hours chipping off the rough parts he left. So the floor won't go in until tomorrow, and we're a day behind. I figure we won't be able to leave on Sunday, so I'm trying to find a sub for Bunko on Monday. I made enough profits trading yesterday that we could've paid someone to install the new floor, but Terry insisted that he wanted to do the job himself. He wants to learn, and I agree that the only way he'll get better is to keep trying. And I'd rather he make his mistakes on the house we're selling than the one we're going to stay in. So there you go.

Tomorrow I'll take the truck to Ikea and pick up the kitchen cabinets, then shop for a dress to wear to his reunion. I don't fit into any of my dresses from last fall, so it's a necessity. Oh, darn it-- I just remembered that I've got to go to the Ikea in Elizabeth, NJ since they've got 3.5% sales tax and the Loehmann's is near the Ikea in Paramus (with 6% sales tax). Since it's a fairly large purchase (all the cabinets for a new kitchen), it's worth it to save the extra amount. Hmm, where will I shop for a dress? There's an outlet mall down there, maybe I can find something at Saks' Off Fifth or whatever it's called, or Nordstrom Rack or something. I guess I can go to Paramus on Friday if I have to.

I just found out this evening that another of my friends is having a baby next year, I'll go ahead and pick something up for her when I'm at the outlet malls-- while I'm not so sure I'll find a suitable dress for myself, but I regularly shop there for darling baby items, well-discounted.