Back In The Cake Top 20

I had a pretty good run last week, and I just checked and tonight I'm listed as #16 in the top Market Timers on Cake Financial (out of 667 in the category). Of the five risk categories, I'm the top performer with the lowest risk profile. In fact, I'm the only lowest-risk investor in the top 50. There are two others in the next green level up, and one in the middle yellow level, but everyone else on the page is in the red level for risk or their risk isn't rated since they haven't been investing long enough to have a record.

I checked to see what others did with their SKF, and I was pleased to note that I sold closest to the recent high. That's what market timing is all about. A lot of people (those who subscribe to the "random walk" theory) think market timing is a fool's game, but I know that's only true for hobbyists. Professional traders make money through timing every day. Professional investors not so much. But different people are successful with different strategies, and so far, I'm sticking with mine.