Hassles of Two Homes

What a hassle. I'm trying to book a vacation for Terry and myself, and I don't know if my passport renewal has been processed since I'm in NJ and not in VA. But in order to get a good deal at the resort I'd like, I need to book it before I return to VA. But since it's non-refundable I don't want to book it if I won't be able to go because my passport is still held up in the government system. And the available dates are coming up quickly, so I've got to get the flights booked also. I'll call the passport info number tomorrow before the deal expires. If they show that my passport has been mailed, I'll book the trip. If not, I guess I'll just have to pass it up. Which would be a bummer. We'll still get to take our vacation, it will just be more expensive, and we might have to stay at a different resort. Oh well. This wouldn't be such a frustrating problem if we just had one home, since I'd know if my passport arrived in the mail or not.

Progress on the renovations here is slow. I can't wait until this place is sold and we can live in one home in one state like normal people.