Luxury Link Comes Through Again!

Sweet! I just booked our November vacation with a winning bid on luxurylink.com. We'll be staying in a one-bedroom suite in the Sheriva villas in Anguilla.

Originally, we thought we would take our vacation in the South Pacific, but I changed my mind when I started looking into it. It seems that everything is all island-culture out there, and while Tahita, Bora Bora, et al are undeniably beautiful, service is pathetic. Even at the 5-star resorts out there, things get stolen from one's room, the staff doesn't respond to complaints or requests, and the food is terrible. Since we were just in Hawaii in February, and stayed in a condo with our friend Cate, without any fancy amenities, I figure we've already had our scenic-location-without-service vacation for the year. This time around, it would just be Terry and me, and I want luxury and romance. We haven't had a vacation for just the two of us, non-business, since last September when we were out in LA.

We've both been to Bermuda, and I've been to the Bahamas, but neither of us has been to Anguilla. It's slightly more difficult to get to, since there isn't a large airport. We'll probably fly into St. Martin and take the ferry over or charter a boat. I'm going to see if we can use up some of our airline miles for the airfare. As soon as I hear back from the hotel with the confirmed dates I'll take care of that. I am so looking forward to this trip!