I Hate Colds

I started coming down with a cold yesterday. I had been congested nearly the whole time I was in NJ, but I figured it was just from all the construction dust kicked up from the kitchen renovation, since I felt fine otherwise. But the congestion continued in the car the whole drive to VA, and yesterday it was worse PLUS I had swollen glands in my neck. That's when I knew it was a cold for sure.

I used Zicam last night, and tried a Netti-pot. The Netti-pot didn't work for me at all. I went to the pharmacy first thing this morning and got a nasal irrigator that's a squeeze bottle and that worked better, although it certainly didn't solve my problem. I'll try it again before I go to sleep, it's awful trying to use the sleep machine with congestion, but it's been so long since I've had a sound night's sleep I've got to try. I'm keeping up with the Zicam, and historically that's helped me get over a cold in about 4 days. So I am hopeful that I'll be fine by Monday. In the meantime, I don't have much appetite. I'm glad I stopped by Whole Foods yesterday and stocked up on prepared foods, I'm in no mood to cook anything, and Terry's still in NJ.

I wanted to clean the house today, but instead I'm taking it easy. I've got an irritating problem with the IRS that I thought was resolved over the summer, but it apparently was not since they sent me a certified letter today that I had to sign for. They were threatening to "levy assets" for a couple hundred dollars that I don't even owe. I spent about 45 minutes on the phone, AGAIN, and the agent said I should be able to clear this up if I send a letter and photocopies of some checks. Not a fun way to spend my afternoon, but at least it didn't take much physical energy.

I did manage to wash and dry two loads of laundry. I'll probably throw in another. It's easy. I still haven't unpacked the trunk of the car since I got back from NJ. There is a lot of heavy stuff I carted back, and I'm just bringing things in one or two items at a time. I want to get over this cold ASAP, and my instinct says resting now will let me return to 100% sooner.

I might sew something tonight. Another low-energy activity that I find relaxing. Or maybe play some video games. I had really wanted to go out with my friends this weekend since Terry is still in NJ and I'm here alone, but I'm not well enough to go out. And I'm not going to invite anyone out here just for them to catch a cold, so I'm stuck. Bleh.