Why Oh Why Can't I Just Do It?

I know why, I'm off my ADD meds. I can't seem to get a @#$@# thing done. But my doctor says it's necessary for me to be off for a while, so be it.

I came upstairs and turned on my computer to do two things: 1) enter in my McDonald's Monopoly game codes, and 2) pay the bills that are piling up in my EarthMail.

What have I done in the past 4 hours? I finished one of two tasks. I should have finished both within one hour. Guess which one I finished? What else did I do? I looked at photos Angelina Jolie taken by Brad published in W magazine. I read about one upper-east-side woman's obsession with the Bugaboo stroller and the blog comments surrounding it. Which led me to read some posts on the infertility forums I haven't visited in well over a year.

I did check the bank balances to find out that we've FINALLY received Terry's 2007 tax refund. The amount of estimated payments that did NOT go to my account, resulting in a balance due which I've been protesting this whole time were on his account, and were included in the refund. Plus interest. And since the penalties and interest due on my account are less than $6, instead of writing a letter and sending documents to straighten out the situation, I'll just pay the amount due. Since they've essentially given me back the money I originally paid, through Terry's refund. So the tax records will just be technically wrong, I'll live with that. From so many conversations with the IRS over the years, it's not that all the phone agents are incompetent, it's more that the system is a bureaucratic nightmare, and the agents sometimes can't get hold of pertinent information without a full audit. Speaking of full audits, I guess I'm still undecided about what to do about our 2005 tax refund. Bleh, I'll worry about in the spring, when I do the 2008 taxes.

Now, what was I supposed to be doing?? Whoops, my watch timer went off, time to check the chicken in the oven. I guess I'm supposed to be eating lunch now. Then maybe this afternoon, I can do the tasks I THOUGHT I was going to do this morning.

And the afternoon tasks, well, I don't know.