Getting Closer. . .

So lunchtime was my wakeup call that I was underachieving for the day. So I got off my @#$ long enough to 1) eat a healthy lunch, 2) call the caterer to finalize the menu for the Halloween party, 3) pay the bills that arrived at my Oregon mail address. Number three was slightly complicated because one of the bills was late, which resulted in our condo insurance lapsing, but I made a call, faxed a statement that there have been no losses since Saturday, and paid over the phone. Whew! All without Terry finding out (don't tell him, and he won't know, since he doesn't read my blog!). He hates it when I let things like this slip. But I swear it's just like it was back before I got on the Ritalin. It's not like I notice how super-productive I am when I'm on it, but I know it's working by how many things I let slip when I'm off the pills. So annoying.

I am closer to finishing the bill-paying and stuff, but I have to stop to get dressed (yeah, I know this entry is time-stamped, what of it?) and pull out my creepy serving pieces since the caterer is coming to pick them up at 4pm.

I DID get one bonus item crossed off my list today! I told Terry I'd find a consultant or someone to come help him make some decisions about the orchard, and it turns out that my caterer's husband is an expert on fruit trees! We're going to barter services since they're having internet problems and Terry's an expert on the internet (or the lack thereof) around here. That was a handy coincidence. I knew she had a fig tree, which is unusual around here, so I guess this explains how she gets homegrown exotic fruit.