Bikini-- Finished!

I finished sewing the my bikini for next week's vacation! I'm not about to model it on the internet with my pasty white skin, but maybe after I've got my tan you might see some vacation photos up here. The elastic on the legs looks a little wavy, but it looks fine on. It's the first project I've done with a significant amount of elastic, so it was a bit of a learning experience.

The top looks more full-coverage on the mannequin than it does in real-life, since I haven't resized my dress form for my new weight. This is also why I still have an unfinished dress on there-- I had to stop sewing it just before Terry and I went on about three major business trips plus our Hawaii vacation last winter, and by the time I was back in Virginia I had gained too much weight to fit into the dress. I figured I'd finish it this winter, but surprise, surprise, I still don't fit into it. So I'm going to put away that red dress for "the future", beef up my mannequin, and make new clothes in my current size. More likely I'll just adjust some old clothes I'd otherwise give away. Since I brought the New Jersey wardrobe down to VA, I've got way too many clothes.

I'm going to take the bikini to Viking Club (the monthly free-for-all meeting for owners of Viking sewing machines) tomorrow for show and tell (it's customary to bring your latest project for comments and critique). Someone might have some tips for how to stretch the elastic perfectly evenly during sewing.