Steampunk Is Interesting

I just found out about the "steampunk" movement today. It appears to be an aesthetic movement, I'd describe it as a "neo-Victorian military-industrial science-fiction" look. Cogs and sprockets are favorite details on everything. It encompasses everything from clothes to accessories to home decor to electronics to vehicles. The site Steampunk Workshop has many good examples.

There's a pretty comprehensive "fashion show" on the Flickr site. It's very costume-y, like "goth" is costume-y. Best worn by teen misfits and those sort of folks who like to attend "faires" and such. Not that I wouldn't attend a steampunk fair, or renaissance fair, etc., but I can't imagine really getting into character like many of the attendees do. I suspect they're the types who would wear their "steampunk" attire to regular social events from time-to-time.

I could see adapting a few of the iconic items for regular use, though. For example, some earrings or other jewelry made from wristwatch innards, or perhaps the same bits sewn onto a jacket as trim. Using a cog motif on fabric. I already have several flouncy skirts, so it seems layering them over a ratty-edged petticoat would be all it takes to steampunk-ify them.

I totally want to go to The Edison in Los Angeles. It's an entire bar fashioned to the steampunk aesthetic.