Too Much Sun

Terry and I are both exhausted from two days of rest & relaxation. We spent much of yesterday hanging about the pool, and today we were at the beach. My 30 minutes of sun yesterday (10 minutes at a time, several hours between sunnings) left me with sunburn in a few weird patchy spots where I didn't apply my sunscreen evenly. So today I stayed in the shade all day, with sunscreen, yet still managed to add a little tan to what skin I had exposed (which was not even that much since I stayed fully clothed while at the beach). Terry spent lots of time in the sun (with sunscreen) and he just tanned, didn't burn. Lucky guy.

Even though I stayed in the shade, it was warm out, so I guess it was the heat that made me tired more than the sun, per se. And I'm not surprised that Terry is already asleep, since he was a lot more active, bouncing around in the ocean much of the afternoon.

I'm a bit bummed out since I didn't pay close enough attention to my itinerary, and forgot to go to church tonight. There's only one Catholic church on the island, and they only have two services, one on Saturday at 6pm and one on Sunday at 9am. I had on my itinerary to go tonight, but it didn't occur to me to look at it this morning since I associate church with Sunday, not Saturday. So by the time I checked my itinerary tonight to find out when tomorrow's mass is, it was too late. We'd have to leave here around 8:30am to make the 9am mass tomorrow, and while I could do it, Terry is the only one with the Anguillan driver's license and I doubt he'll be up for that. I may have to miss mass this week and go to confession when I get back to VA.