Lots of Reviews Later

We've been all over the island the past few days, but we're turning in the car tomorrow morning and settling down for the last two days of our vacation. We've been having a lovely time, but we've fit in a lot more activities than we originally anticipated. We're staying in a villa near Cap Jaluca and had planned on just going to that resort for most meals and the beach. But a hurricane hit that resort just a few weeks before we arrived, and it's closed until December for repairs. We can't even enjoy that beach since they've got heavy equipment all over it for the repair work. So we had to rent a car so we could drive to other beaches.

I'm glad we did get to see so many parts of the island we wouldn't have bothered seeing if our nearby beach wasn't out of commission. But it is more activity than we prefer on our vacations, so we're going to take it easy and stay near our villa until we leave on Thursday.

I'm going to enjoy the pool (and hopefully the beach, if they've moved the equipment by now) in the mornings and later in the afternoons, and I'll try to stay inside out of the sun during the hottest hours. Since I still get tan (or burnt), even if I use sunscreen and stay in the shade, I really do have to be inside during the brightest part of the day if I'm going to be outside the rest of the day. And when I'm inside, I figure I might take the time to write some reviews. We've been to a bunch of restaurants here, and a handful of beaches, so I'll have plenty to write about.

When I'm outside I'll do some more painting. I made a watercolor last Friday, and Terry painted two today. We like our "painting vacations," and while some result in more paintings than others, it's nice to have at least one or two small pieces that reflect our experience of a trip.

I've been taking photos of the beaches and the views, and I'll post them in an album when I get home. I'm using my little XO laptop here, and it's not powerful enough to upload large photos conveniently. It's not even particularly convenient to type (because of the small child-size keyboard) but it's not too bad and certainly better than typing on my phone.