Today when our maid asked us if we would like eggs for breakfast, I declined. I'm getting tired of eggs, and we're always served bacon so I could just eat that for protein. I asked if we would have sausage today. She checked with the chef, and asked if we would like oatmeal.


I was just thinking last night, that it would be nice to get back home so I could resume my regular breakfast of oatmeal with nuts and raisins. I make the slow-cook oats in the microwave. It's convenient and only takes 5 minutes, and the texture is unspeakably superior to the gummy paste that results from making "instant" oats in 45 seconds or whatever it is. I don't like instant oats at all. When someone says that they hate oatmeal, I suspect that they've only ever tried instant oats, and I don't blame them for coming to that conclusion.

I guess they make their oatmeal stovetop here, since it took another 30 minutes for the rest of our breakfast to be served after the oatmeal was offered. But it was worth the wait-- the oatmeal was delicious. The chef had lightly seasoned and sweetened it, and already added milk (I add milk to mine after cooking, since it cools it down enough that I can eat it right away). It was served with a small dish of raisins, but no nuts. Not necessary, we had bacon on the side. I add nuts to mine at home to add a little more protein to the meal.

But it's now 10am, and we've just finished breakfast. No matter, all we have planned is another day poolside. My strategy to even out my tan yesterday worked. I put sunscreen on the previously burnt patches, then walked around outside for 10 minutes before coming back inside to put on sunscreen everywhere. Then I spent the majority of the day in the shade. By evening, I had a perfectly even tan. Well, perfectly even skin color. I'd only be considered "tan" at an albino convention.