Still Adjusting to Home Life

I think I'm still adjusting to not being on vacation.

We drove back from Richmond yesterday morning, then I didn't have much time before I had to iron my fabrics and pack up to go to quilt club. I ran errands afterwards, and didn't get home until after 6pm. I was tired and fell asleep relatively early.

This morning we left the house as soon as we woke up, and didn't come home until around 1pm. Once back home, I read the Barron's, and read from a cookbook I picked up at the library while we were out. We ate lunch late, around 3pm or so. It stopped raining after that, so Terry and I started back on our exercise routine of daily walks. But since it was already late when we left, we only walked two miles instead of the four we were doing before vacation, so we would get back home before dark. Nevertheless, it wore me out.

Now it's only 9:30pm, but I'm exhausted. I guess even just running a few errands a day is still more effort than laying around on the beach. But come to think of it, I was tired early on vacation also, but I attributed that to the heat. Hmm.

Well, regardless of why I'm so tired, I'll try to go to bed really early tonight. Probably by 10:30pm, and see if I've got more pep tomorrow. If it's rainy again I'll use my sunlamp for 30 minutes when I wake up. I should probably start using that every morning rain or shine, since maybe I've already started coming down with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) for the season. That causes low energy. And I'll try to get back to the full hour of exercise daily, that should also help my energy levels. I guess I also ran out of vitamins about a week and a half ago, maybe they were giving me extra energy. Who knows. But I've gotta figure out something, since left to my own devices I risk just staying in bed with the covers pulled over my head for the entire winter, and that just won't do.