First Snow, Time To Get A Freezer

I woke up this morning and was glad to see the bright blue sky out my window. The weather was gray and dreary all day yesterday, we even got hit by a few pieces of sleet on our morning walk.

I was surprised when I stood up and saw the ground out the window, since there was snow out there! Not a lot of snow, but the shady areas had a pretty even dusting. It was already nearly 9am, so the snow was melted from the sunny areas.

I wasn't expecting snow this early, it's not even Thanksgiving! I guess this is what I get for not following local news, I'm often surprised by the weather. Not that it matters that much. I have enough staples on hand that even if we were snowed in for a day we wouldn't starve. Two days we'd have to scrounge a bit, but wouldn't go hungry. Three days. . .I don't know. I imagine we'd have to start eating weird things like peanut butter and lemon curd on crackers, or whatever I've got lurking in the back of the cupboards.

Once we get a deep freezer, we'll be set. We've got an inconveniently small freezer section in the refrigerator that came with the house. We lived with it while we were only living here part-time, but now that we're here full-time, and we're heading into winter, we need more room. Terry wanted to just replace the refrigerator with one with a better freezer, but I dissuaded him since the real problem is not the cubic feet of space, but the fact that we're storing produce from our garden. Our long-term storage items are taking up room that we'd like to use for more frequently used frozen foods (anything we can grab and heat in the microwave when we don't feel like cooking).

Terry was very diligent about harvesting our blackberries this year, and we have gallons of them frozen. They're taking up a bit of room now, but I think I'll be able to persuade Terry to bake a blackberry pie for us this week. Maybe I'll surprise him and bake one while he's at the dentist today. . .
No, I'll save it for him to bake-- blackberry pie is one food that he bakes extremely well. I find it kind of random which foods Terry can cook well, and which he just can't get the hang of; it doesn't correlate to difficulty in my opinion.

But it makes him feel good when he makes something delicious (since it's not an event to be taken for granted), so I don't even want to risk accidentally baking a better pie than he makes, it might disenhearten him and then he won't bake for me anymore. I can bake pies that he doesn't specialize in (basically, anything other than blackberry, so I'm hardly limited). But I don't think there's any other ingredients clogging up our freezer, unless I want to make a jalepeno and bell pepper pie, or a fishstick pie.

Hmm. Fishstick pie. If I layer them on the bottom of the pie plate, the breading would provide it's own crust. Then I could spread a layer of tartar sauce over the top, then top it with a few lemon slices as garnish, and let all the flavor bake into the fish sticks. They won't be crispy except hopefully for the bottom and outside edge, and I'll slice and serve as very thin wedges with a side of mixed vegetables. Hmm. If it does not turn out revolting, I'll post the recipe.