Broken Pumpkins Lost My Momentum

I was making progress putting away the Halloween decorations, until the mishap with the pumpkins. My goal is to have all the decorations taken down, wrapped, and packed in boxes back in the garage before Thanksgiving. I finished packing all the lights and lighted decor, and had begun packing the garlands and signs when I needed to use a chair to reach the spot where a sign was attached to the molding.

There were a bunch of orange plastic bags on the chair in the hallway (they were stuffed with grass to make outdoor giant pumpkins), so I pushed them off the chair so I could use it. Unfortunately, there were also two ceramic jack o'lantern candle holders underneath them on the chair, and they shattered on the floor. So I got the superglue, and sat down to put them back together.

I finished most of both of them, but started to get woozy from the superglue fumes before I completely finished. They were broken in many pieces, so it did take me a while to sort it out and even get as much put back together as I did. So I came over here to the sofa in the other room to get away from the smell.

I decided to use the time to upload photos I took of our usual walk (see the Gallery section for that slideshow). And I also found an app that allows me to upload the photos directly to facebook from Picasa (the Google app I use to organize photos on my computer), so I installed that and put the photos up there as well.

But now enough time has passed that although I don't feel woozy from the glue, I am starting to feel woozy from hunger. Even though I had a snack of some noodles after breakfast, and a small piece of chocolate from TCHO that we got in the mail. So I'll take a break and eat the rest of my omelet from yesterday morning, then it will be about time to go on our daily walk.

So not only have I lost the momentum I had for putting away the Halloween decorations, I've even lost the momentum from gluing together the decorations that I broke in the process. Hopefully, I'll be reinvigorated after the walk. Realistically, I'm usually just sort of tired after the walk, and so I lie down and sometimes take a nap. We'll see.