Finished Gluing the Pumpkins

I finished gluing the pumpkins together this morning after breakfast. I used the new non-drip gel superglue Terry got for me last week. It certainly makes less of a mess than the other stuff I was using, but I don't think it grips quite as well. But good enough.

One of the pumpkins looks pretty ragged-- there was a large chunk that was broken into little bits and I pieced them together as best I could, but couldn't get everything back lined up right. Whatever. Now those two will just be SCARY pumpkins instead of cute ones.

I spent the rest of the day not putting away Halloween decorations (I'm still hopeful that I'll get everything put away before Thanksgiving, but I have already started to rationalize that REALLY I only need to get things put away before Advent starts next Sunday), but working on the December crossword puzzle for the Crozet Gazette. I totally forgot that it was my turn for December-- the woman who used to make them took the summer off, but now wants to alternate months. I was having a hard time fitting in my theme words (Christmas Carol theme), so rather than spend more than four hours on the project, I settled for non-symmetrical theme entries. I am sure no one notices when my puzzles are in totally good form, so why would they notice when the form is just slightly less than perfect? Terry is proofing it now, I always make him do the puzzle before I submit it since he helps catch any clues I could improve, etc.

It's been raining all day, but I still want to go on my walk since it's only raining lightly. It's already 3pm and if I want to walk an hour I can't wait much longer or it will be dark before I get home. If Terry doesn't want to walk in the rain I guess I'll go by myself, I'm tired of being cooped up in the house. That's one thing I learned from living in New York-- not to let the weather dictate your actions. If it's bad weather, just dress appropriately, don't postpone your plans. Since if you did that living in NY, you'd never leave the house for months at a time, the weather is so miserable there in the winter. . .

I've been ornery all day. I should have used my sun lamp, especially since I'm on a lower dose of meds when in previous years I've needed a higher dose in the winter. It's complicated because the upstairs is still all topsy-turvy because of the construction, so my lamp is not in its usual place by my rocking chair, so it doesn't occur to me to use it first thing. Besides, I always wake up absolutely starving, so I'll have to remember to sit under the lamp AFTER breakfast instead of before like I did last year.