I like regular Triscuits, but haven't eaten them regularly for years since they've got so much fat, and the reduced-fat Triscuits aren't as tasty so I don't bother.

But ever since I tried the Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits when visiting my parents, I've been hooked. Although they are relatively high fat, at least they don't have added sugar. The best part is that they've got so much body and flavor on their own, I don't need to eat them with cheese. So I figure they're probably not dramatically unhealthier than eating cheese with my usual water crackers. The Triscuits even have 3g of protein per serving, but I don't know where that comes from. They can't replace the calcium I get from cheese, so it's not a perfect comparison. They do seem to be high-fiber, so that's a plus.

Part of the reason these crackers are so flavorful is that they are well-salted. The salt really amps up the rosemary and olive oil flavor. I'm lucky since I have low blood pressure and can eat all the salt I want (trust me if you've never suffered from low-blood pressure dizziness and faintness, it's terribly inconvenient and downright dangerous if you're on the stairs), but if you're watching your salt intake, you'd probably best avoid this snack altogether since each individual cracker (not each serving!) contains 1% of the RDA for sodium.